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From: Anton Vityaz (
Date: Thu 20 Mar 2003 - 12:20:20 GMT

Hi Tony,
I am willing too to take part in the review process.

Anton Vityaz

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Subject: IEEE Software Model Driven Development Reviews

> Dear pUML-er,
> Please find below a copy of the call for papers for a special issue of
> IEEE Software on Model Driven Development. The submission deadline is
> passed and we are in the process of assigning reviewers. We would
> appreciate help with the reviewing process; if you would like to help
> out then please let myself or one of the editors know as soon as
> possible. Many thanks if you have already agreed to take part.
> Regards,
> -- Tony Clark
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> X-----------------------------X-------------------------
>    Call for Papers: Model-Driven Development
>            Special Issue Publication: September/October 2003
>                     Submission deadline: 15 March
>                (Apologies if you receive multiple copies)
> Model-driven development is the notion that systems can be developed
> by constructing abstract views of systems and by transforming the
> resulting models, either automatically or manually, into code.
> This approach can confer increased productivity and reduced
> time-to-market by enabling work at a higher level of abstraction
> and improving communication with non-software domain experts.
> Yet too often modeling is equated with the mere drawing of
> pictures, removed from real systems development and needlessly
> heavy on process.
> At the same time, the Unified Modeling Language has become
> popular, and the Object Management Group has announced a major
> initiative, Model-Driven Architecture, which lays out a framework
> for model interoperability. Common modeling languages and model
> interoperability herald the replacement of today's code-driven
> development environments with those based on models.
> IEEE Software solicits short articles describing and defining
> technologies that enable and promote model-driven development,
> such as:
> * Model semantics and execution
> * Domain-specific language concepts
> * Aspect-oriented modeling
> * Reverse-engineering
> * Model-transformation technologies
> * Impediments to adoption
> * Combining models with code
> * Systems engineering
> * Tools, factories, and meta-technologies
> * Case studies
> Articles longer than 4000 words (about six magazine pages, including
> figures) will be rejected. Short articles, written in a straightforward,
> explanatory style, will receive preference. A unified, common vocabulary
> will be encouraged and enforced. Very short position papers must be
> accompanied by a list of terms presumed to have been predefined.
> Descriptions of specific modeling notations are discouraged, and calls
> for additions to UML will be referred to the appropriate bodies in OMG.
> Detailed guidelines are available from the Guest Editors:
> Stephen J. Mellor
> Project Technology, USA
> Tony Clark
> King's College London, UK
> Takao Futagami
> Toyo Corp., Japan
> To submit a manuscript for peer-reviewed consideration, please access
> the
> IEEE Computer Society Web-based system, Manuscript Central, at:
> Be sure to select the right manuscript type (Special Issue on
> Model-Driven
> Development) when submitting your manuscript. Send a separate email
> listing
> the title of your paper and a 75-150 word abstract, but excluding the
> authors'
> names. If you wish to be a reviewer, email us at,
> and you
> will be sent a number of abstracts from which you can choose.
> Important Dates:
>    15 March 2003 Submissions Due
>    23 May    2003 Authors Notified
>    13 June   2003 Final Papers Due
> The Special Issue is in need of reviewers that are knowledgeable
> in the field--such as the recipients of this note :)  We plan to
> send a list of abstracts to each reviewer to select some papers
> to review.  If you are willing to review some number of papers,
> (preferably between three and five, but any number will do!),
> please send us a note.  The deadline for reviews is early May.
> To remove yourself from this list please mail
> with a message containing the word "unsubscribe".

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