representing (human) rights as the UseCase in legal models

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From: Anton Vityaz (
Date: Mon 17 Mar 2003 - 13:35:22 GMT

Hello !

In our research project (Legal system modeling) we use UML with some extensions as meta-modeling language. This language reviewed as the very important expressive tool for support lawmaking process - as part of the Computer-Aided Legal System Engineering (CALSE) Environment. During legal patterns investigation for CALSE we found that one of the patterns - (human) rights - best to represent as the use cases. So the question is there :)

1. Is it any comments about alternative way to represent Right of Legal Actors :)

2. Due to the specific nature of the legal rights (mostly never executed as is and always should be included into the every use case that actor involved in the legal system) we can't find appropriate relation between actor and use case at the UML. Today we may use only two relations between use-cases -  include and extend - and only one between actor and use case. It's important to distinguish this relation from ordinary one. Our decision is to create new type of the relation between UseCase and actor which will emphasize on aggregative nature of those relation. Is it appropriate solution ?

Please suggest way to find nature of this beast.

Anton Vityaz,
IASA, Kiev, Ukraine.

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