Second Call for Papers IEEE Software Special Issue on Model Driven Development

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From: Tony Clark (
Date: Thu 20 Feb 2003 - 18:03:14 GMT

           Second Call for Papers: Model-Driven Development
          Special Issue Publication: September/October 2003
                   Submission deadline: 15 March

              (Apologies if you receive multiple copies)

          **** NEW: Request for reviewers - see below ****

Model-driven development is the notion that systems can be developed 
by constructing abstract views of systems and by transforming the 
resulting models, either automatically or manually, into code. 
This approach can confer increased productivity and reduced 
time-to-market by enabling work at a higher level of abstraction 
and improving communication with non-software domain experts. 
Yet too often modeling is equated with the mere drawing of 
pictures, removed from real systems development and needlessly 
heavy on process. 

At the same time, the Unified Modeling Language has become 
popular, and the Object Management Group has announced a major 
initiative, Model-Driven Architecture, which lays out a framework 
for model interoperability. Common modeling languages and model 
interoperability herald the replacement of today's code-driven 
development environments with those based on models.

IEEE Software solicits short articles describing and defining 
technologies that enable and promote model-driven development, 
such as:

* Model semantics and execution 
* Domain-specific language concepts 
* Aspect-oriented modeling 
* Reverse-engineering 
* Model-transformation technologies 
* Impediments to adoption 
* Combining models with code 
* Systems engineering 
* Tools, factories, and meta-technologies 
* Case studies

Articles longer than 4000 words (about six magazine pages, including 
figures) will be rejected. Short articles, written in a straightforward, 
explanatory style, will receive preference. A unified, common vocabulary 
will be encouraged and enforced. Very short position papers must be 
accompanied by a list of terms presumed to have been predefined. 
Descriptions of specific modeling notations are discouraged, and calls 
for additions to UML will be referred to the appropriate bodies in OMG.

Detailed guidelines are available from the Guest Editors:

Stephen J. Mellor
Project Technology, USA 

Tony Clark 
King's College London, UK 

Takao Futagami 
Toyo Corp., Japan

To submit a manuscript for peer-reviewed consideration, please access the 
IEEE Computer Society Web-based system, Manuscript Central, at:

Be sure to select the right manuscript type (Special Issue on Model-Driven 
Development) when submitting your manuscript. Send a separate email listing 
the title of your paper and a 75-150 word abstract, but excluding the authors'
names. If you wish to be a reviewer, email us at, and you 
will be sent a number of abstracts from which you can choose.

Important Dates:

  15 March 2003 Submissions Due
  23 May    2003 Authors Notified
  13 June   2003 Final Papers Due

Request for Reviewers:

The Special Issue is in need of reviewers that are knowledgeable
in the field--such as the recipients of this note :)  We plan to
send a list of abstracts to each reviewer to select some papers 
to review.  If you are willing to review some number of papers, 
(preferably between three and five, but any number will do!),
please send us a note.  The deadline for reviews is early May.


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