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From: Gerrit Renker (
Date: Thu 20 Feb 2003 - 08:17:56 GMT

Dear Herman,

there is no Cartesian Product type in OCL. All there is is the Tuple
type. That means, in effect  modelling cartesian Products remains a
complex endeavour (see my mail earlier on this list).
As a consequence, mathematical relations (subsets of Cartesian
Products) remain hard to model, too.

Were you suggesting the use of a dedicated Cartesian Product type -- I
was thinking along these lines, too.

I think it is a deficiency that such simple constructs like a relation
(not relationship) remain complex to model.

Best regards

 --- Herman Balsters <> wrote: > Could anyone tell
me whether there is a product type (pure Cartesian 
> product, hence not a tupletype) available in OCL 2.0?
> Regards,
> Herman Balstersdr. H. Balsters
> Faculty of Business Science
> University of Groningen
> The Netherlands
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