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From: Gerrit Renker (
Date: Fri 14 Feb 2003 - 09:02:18 GMT


after reading a lot of proposals and perusing several UML 2.0
related websites I find myself in a state of more questions than
initially. I hope that someone on the list can help clarify some UML
2.0 issues -- much in the interest of others who are likely to also be
lost in a flood of proposals. 

 I think that the ideas to MMF and the MML as proposed may be
 good starting points -- but which of the proposals is likely
 to be adopted by the OMG. What will we be talking -- MMF,
 U2P,  2U. The point is there is a flood of proposals out
 there but I think I am not wrong in assuming that the last
 say will be the OMG. So at the end of the day, are there
 any indications yet which of the many proposals will make
 it to the OMG.

 Further to an email I sent earlier on this list, I am
 probably not the only one having problems with the UML 1.4
 extension mechanism (there was a paper at UML-99 about
 that). Again, are there any indications -- will we finally
 have the long-awaited Catalysis style package templates?

3/ WHEN?
 In an earlier email on this list I heard someone predict
 2004 for the release of UML 2.0. It is late anyway (the
 CACM article by Kobryn predicted 2001 as release date).
 Does anyone have nearer informations?

 We are working on AI extensions for UML. We would be
 interested in developing profiles and model libraries. Are
 there any interest groups, birds of a feather or task force
 groups for this area yet?

 On a personal note, I find the current state truly Babelian,
 lots of upcoming great ideas but the (OMG) future entirely 
 opaque. An example is the semantics in OCL -- people have
 come up at least with 3 different OCL semantics. Richters'
 is adopted in the appendix of the current OCL spec, but the
 normative one is still the UML 1.4 semantics, based on
 meta-models and natural language.

It would definetely help if someone could say a few clarifying words

Gerrit Renker

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