Re: Missing formal definition of OclMessageExp in OCL 2.0?

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From: Gerrit Renker (
Date: Wed 29 Jan 2003 - 10:49:04 GMT


I had the same problem -- there is a contradiction in the current OCL

--in sec. 1.5.3 it reads:
``The equivalance of the two semantic descriptions has not been
formally established. Wherever they are conflicting,
the description in section A ( Semantics ) is normative.''

--on page  1-6 (sec. 1.7) it reads:
  ``Appendix A ( Semantics ) describes the underlying
    semantics of OCL using a mathematical formalism. 
   This appendix, however is not normative, ...''


 --- Jos Fries <> wrote: > Hello,
> With much interest I read the OCL 2.0 submission, especially the
> formal definition of the semantics of a subset of UML and of OCL. For
> application of UML/OCL in the field I'm working in (railway control
> and safety) such a formal definition will be a prerequisite for
> acceptance of the method.
> Paragraph 1.5.3 of the submission states that an equivalent
> mathematical description is given in appendix A (including semantics
> for OclMessage). In that appendix however I cannot find a definition
> for OclMessageExp. Is my observation correct? Is it yet to be added
> to the definition?
> Jos Fries

Gerrit Renker                     Research Assistant
Constraints Group                 Computing Technologies Centre
The Robert Gordon University      Aberdeen AB25 1HG

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