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From: Joaquin Miller (
Date: Tue 21 Jan 2003 - 17:25:19 GMT

Have a look at the U2P UML Infrastructure submission.  It has model 
elements with the same short name defined in several packages; an example: 
Class.  I don't find any discussion of what this means for the language 
user.  Of course, these elements have distinct names, since the package 
structure provides identifiers for them.  But, even if we had an answer to 
what the user of the Infrastructure is meant to do with the different 
elements, we do have here model elements defined in several packages; 
example: Core::Constructs::Class.

I'm reporting observations, which might be useful in considering Gonzalo's 
question.  I'm not expressing any opinions.

At 09:30 AM 1/21/2003, Gonzalo Genova wrote:
>It seems in UML v1.4 that a namespace owns the NAMES of the elements it
>contains, but not the DEFINITIONS of the elements. Then, an element's
>definition could be spread among different packages. For example, you could
>declare class A in package P, and then declare in package Q that A is a
>subclass of B.
>But this seems incorrect to me. I think an element should not be modified
>out of the owner package or namespace. I would like to hear some opinions
>about this.
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