JOSEFIL CHALLENGE - MDA in practice for Embedded Systems

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From: GERARD Sebastien 166342 (
Date: Fri 13 Dec 2002 - 17:08:19 GMT

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                        JOSEFIL CHALLENGE

Trough a case of study, we try to provide a common example in 
order to compare various approaches of modelling with different 
paradigms for distributed real time systems.
The application proposed in the frame of this challenge is the control 
system of an autonomous Pekee-robot of exploration which carries out
 missions of temperature measurements in an hostile environment.

The robot has a movie camera and communicates with 
a control PC through a Ethernet wireless link

You can find more information about the challenge and the specification

in order to help the challengers, Wany company provides a  software (RSL)
which emulates the behavior of the real robot.The RSL license is free and 
supplied only for the challenge. 

the schedule of the challenge is as follow :

Initial specification of the case study proposal
: September 2002, the 20th
Feedback on the proposed specification	                             	 :
before November 2002, the 14st
challenge start!
: November 2002, the 16th
Registration deadline to the challenge			    	: February
2002, the 28th
Specification version 2				                 	:
May 2003
Call for proposal for results presentation
: June 2003, the 15th
Results presentation within the workshop <Embedded-MDA    	: September
Results presentation within an UML workshop 	            	: October

if you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us,

The organisers

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