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From: Tony Clark (
Date: Wed 09 Oct 2002 - 11:15:24 BST


King's College is running a 2 day model driven UML-based course next April. If you are interested and send me a surface mail address I will send you a flyer.

Best Wishes,

-- Tony Clark
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  From: Anand Lakhani 
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  Subject: Learning UML


  I am relatively new to this email group but not to modelling.  I have concentrated on languages such as Z while keeping an eye on the UML community.  However, I have to admit that I don't really know how to use UML.  I was wondering whether anyone can suggest texts and short courses that a student at PhD level should go on to gain a sound grounding in UML.  I am most interested in business modelling and security modelling.  I have read Sinan Si Alhir's "UML in a nutshell" book but now I need to learn the fundamentals of the language and gain a greater understanding of how to extend it and specify complex ideas (maybe using OCL).

  I would like to gain a good basic understanding relatively quickly by doing a course, but then using various texts I would like to continue studying this language with the outcome that I will be able to use it in my PhD and in my Software Engineering work.

  Any replies will be much appreciated.

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