ANN: Guide to Applying the UML

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From: Sinan Si Alhir (
Date: Sat 05 Oct 2002 - 22:44:15 BST

Guide to Applying the UML (Springer Professional Computing. Springer-Verlag,
2002) may be of interest to members of this group.


... the definitive roadmap to using the UML ...

Guide to Applying the UML offers a practical tool-, process-, and
technology-independent roadmap for effectively and successfully applying the

This unique guide offers a practical bridge between tutorials and reference
works. It closes the gap between the UML and process using a “roadmap” that
addresses the key decision points and their relationships, providing a
comprehensive framework. The focus is on rules of usage and principles of
composition, style guidelines, and practical real-world examples.

Topics and Features:
- Essential rules for using the UML and composing UML models
- Presents a broad introduction to applying the UML, without having to
prematurely adopt a particular process
- Provides detailed examples, enabling readers to make informed decisions
when modeling
- Demonstrates how UML elements are related and how the UML supports
traceability and scales
- Clear, well-developed diagrams simplify learning and applying core
concepts and techniques

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