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From: Jason Gorman (
Date: Wed 29 May 2002 - 09:13:15 BST

If it's a boolean expression shouldn't it be something along the lines of 



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Date:    28/05/2002 - 5:08 p.m. (UTC)
From:    Brian Smith <>
Subject: Re: OCL: dealing with exceptions

Anneke Kleppe wrote:

> The current status of OCL 2.0 is that it is aligned with the UML 1.4. 
> As soon as the UML 2.0 submissions stabilize, we will align OCL 2.0 
> with UML 2.0. As the core of the UML 2.0 is to be the core of the MOF 
> 2.0 also, the alignment of OCL with MOF follows.
> Now to answer your question: no there is currently no explicit support 
> in OCL 2.0 for these MOF exceptions. There might be later on, if 
> during the alignment this proves to be an important issue.
> BTW, you say you are expecting it, but there have not been any 
> requests to the OCL submission team to include this. Please tell us, 
> if you want something in. We are only human, you know. :-)

Well, I think it seems useful to be able to specify directly, in the 
postcondition for an operation, what exceptions will be thrown under 
what circumstances. In particular, I think that you would want to be 
able to type-check something like this:
    context Bank:deposit(x : int)
    post: if x > 0 then balance = balance@pre + x else raised 
DepositException end if

The type-checker would type this postcondition as "boolean" since, if it 
returns anything at all, it will return a boolean (like in ML). Your 
examples type-check to boolean too. But, what if you want to say this 
 (admittedly, a contrived example):

    context Bank::deposit(x : int)
    post: let with-interest = if x >= 0 then x * sqrt(x) else raised 
DepositException end if in
            balance = balance@pre + with-interest

Now, interest(x) has to type-check to a rational number. But, it isn't 
clear to me how, using any approach, how I can express with-interest in 
a type-safe manner.

Even without the above, the examples cited still seem very awkward to 
use in practice, compared to something like "raised" above. I think 
users of UML/OCL would want a "raised" facility in OCL, especially for 
languages like Java where exceptions are as much a part of the 
postconditions as normal returns (i.e. you want to distingush between 
"undefined behavior" and "exception XXX raised"). Perhaps the specifics 
of such a construct are difficult to specify though?


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