Re: associations defined in a metamodel

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From: Dirk Riehle (
Date: Fri 17 May 2002 - 11:35:30 BST

Do you really mean meta-model and meta-classes? If not:

An association, as an instance of the Association meta-class is a 
model-level object linked to association ends which specify the multiplicity.

On the model level, multiplicity is a value. On the model instance level 
(i.e. the running application or "user objects") the model-level 
multiplicity is a constraint on what is considered a valid system state. 
I.e. specific instances of your classes A and B may only be linked in such 
a way that these links conform to the association and its multiplicity.


At 5/15/2002 +0200, Simona Bernardi wrote:
>I have a question about how associations defined in a UML meta-model are
>What happens to the multiplicities of an association  defined between
>two meta-classes ?
>For example an association  "ass" is defined between two metaclasses A
>and B,
>with multiplicity * (not explicitly defined):
>         ass
>|A| -----> |B|
>           *
>An instantiated model can be made of  a class A' (instance of the
>metaclass A)
>and a class B' (instance of B) and relation ass' between A' and B'.
>Does the multiplicity of ass' have to be a specific number or it can
>still remain unspecified with "*" ?
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