Summer school in France on "Model-oriented Technologies for Embed ded Systems Development"

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From: GERARD Sebastien 166342 (
Date: Fri 03 May 2002 - 11:02:55 BST

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      Brest - Brittany in France, from September the 16th to 20th 2002

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Scope and Goals of the Summer School:
In software industry, engineers are faced to the henceforth famous paradox:
increasing complexity of systems whereas cost and time to development have
to be reduced in same time! In answer to these issues, model paradigm and
its underlying technologies seem promising in providing solutions.
Therefore, model-based development, so-called MDA, for Model Driven
Architecture, is the new key word of the Object Management Group. But what
is behind this technology?
The goal of this summer school is thus to supply to its participants all the
information needed to understand the ins and outs of model-based approaches.
For that purpose, we have first gathered industrial experts together in
order to give to participants an overview of main issues and challenges in
developing embedded systems and using models. And of course, this summer
school will also be the opportunity to attend to courses given by most
famous researchers working on model paradigme. They will present state of
the arts and research perspectives on all relevant techniques.
Finally the summer school will be also the starting point of an
international concourse dedicated to the study of real application case. The
results will be given in 2003 on the occasion of a specific workshop.
Pr. Jean Bezivin - Université de Nantes, France
Dr. Alberto Ferrari - PARADES research laboratory, Italy
Dr. Jack Foisseau - ONERA, France
Dr. Robert France - Colorado State University, USA
Pr. Jean-Marc Jézéquel - INRIA, France
Dr. Jean Jourdan - Thales Research and Technology, France
Emmanuel Matéo - Ing. In Wany Robotics, France
Dr. Philippe Merle - LIFL, France
Bertrand Nicolas - France Telecom R&D, France
Dr. Dorina C. Petriu - Carleton University, Canada
Pr. Francois Terrier - CEA-LIST, France
Dr. Sébastien Gérard (CEA-LIST, France) -
Dr. Joel Champeau (ENSIETA, France) -
Dr. Jean-Philippe Babau (INSA - France) -
Alberto Ferrari / Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli: "Key note speaker on
Embedded Systems Issues"
Jean Bezivin: "A survey of UML and MDA"
François Terrier: "UML and Real-Time"
Jack Foisseau: "Requirement Engineering and Modeling"
Jean-Marc Jézéquel: "Advanced modeling technics: contract, aspect and
                  & "Advanced modeling technics implementation:
transformation-based approach"
Philippe Merle: "Component based engeneering in MDA"
Robert France: "Precise Modeling: Survey on model transformation technics"
Dorina Petriu: "UML Profile for Scheduling Performance and Time"
             & "Applying SPT profile for performance analysis"
Jean Jourdan: "MDA within Thallès"
Bertrand Nicolas: "MDA experiment in telecom industry"
Emmanuel Matéo: "Environment development presentation"

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