Remarks on the MML study
Anneke Kleppe  (10/11/00)

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Sent: Friday, November 10, 2000 11:00 AM
Subject: remarks on the MML study

Below you will find some remarks on the MML report. They appear only to refer to chapter four, but that of course is the core of your work.

1. In core.model.concepts could you use Variable instead of Attribute?
2. Should not the constraints package be named expressions? There is not much more than expressions defined in it. Perhaps the constraint concept could be defined in a separate package? Besides, we need BinaryExp and UnaryExp next to BinaryLogicalExp and UnaryLogicalExp to build complete expressions.
3. In constraint.model.concepts: Constraint should inherit from ModelElement.
4. In figure 17 'Calculations': the attributes x,y: Calc should be defined in BinaryLogicalCalc instead of its three subclasses
5. In constraints.semantics: wouldn't it be better to change the associationEnd name 'of' to 'exp' or something? In a well-formedness rule the text 'NotCalc.exp' is better understandable than 'NotCalc.of'
6. In constraints.semantics, rule 5: I feel this rule should be rephrased , because self.obj.value is of type Instance, and does not have any slots.
7. In figure 19, iterate semantics: why the 0 multiplicity in the next association?
8. Iterate semantics, rule 2: are you sure this rule is correct? I can't find what the terms 'top' and 'exp' refer to.
9. In methods.model.concepts: Exp already has a resulttype, is this different from the returntype of a method?

1. page 39, rule 3: remove 'is'.
2. page 43, rule 2: remove 'are'
3. page 45, sentence above figure: add 'in' in '... is described the constraints ...'
4. page 47, rule 1: change 'BinaryExp' in 'BinaryLogicalExp'
5. page 48, rule 3: change 'BinayCalc' in 'BinaryLogicalCalc'
6. page 49, figure 18: are the multiplicities and names of the top three associations correct? I feel Rose has played some tricks :-).
7. page 55, first paragraph: remove 'and' from 'A package may import and classifiers ...'

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