Meta-Modellers Anonymous

MMA is a support network to help those unfortunate people who are seriously addicted to meta-modelling. You should contact us if you or someone you know suffers from any of the following symptoms. We are here to help.
  • Withdrawal symptoms (repetitive constraint writing tendencies) when unable to meta-model.
  • Hiding meta-models around the house or workplace.
  • Pretending that the document you’re reading is not a meta-model, e.g. disguising it as a model.
  • Constantly philosophising about your life as an object, or reflecting on the 4-layer meta-model.
  • Worrying about where your next meta-model is going to come from.
  • Worrying about the spelling of ‘modeller’ versus ‘modeler’ and ‘meta-model’ versus ‘metamodel’.
  • Putting off important tasks just to meta-model.
  • Writing philosophical stories about levels of reality and the meaning of the universe.
  • Forgetting whether you’re at level 0 or level 3. And what is level 0 anyway?
Remember that it is easier to deny, than to accept that you are a meta-modeller. Reflect on it.