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Short courses timescales, module and project descriptions timetable for 2018/19 and 2019/20 (Unregistered students)

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Modules 2018/192019/20SSESCSECS
Foundations of System Safety Engineering (FSSE) 17/09/2018 16/09/2019 C C  
Identity, Trust, Reputation and their Applications (ITRA) 24/09/2018 TBC     C
Networks and Communications Security: Threats, Attacks and Countermeasures (NTAC) 15/10/2018 TBC     C
Systems Engineering for Safety (SEFS) 15/10/2018 21/10/2019 O C  
Cryptography Theory and Applications (CTAP) 29/10/2018 TBC     C
Hazard and Risk Assessment (HRAS) 29/10/2018 04/11/2019 C C  
Software Requirements and Architectures (SWRE) Not running 02/12/2019 O O  
Malware and other Malfeasance (MALF) 26/11/2018 TBC     C
System Safety Assessment (SSAS) 10/12/2018 16/12/2019 C C  
Rigour in Secure System Development & Assessment (RISS) 07/01/2019 TBC      C
Computers and Safety (CASA) 07/01/2019  16/03/2020 O  
Human Factors for Safety (HUFS)
 14/01/2019 27/01/2020  O   
Forensic Analysis of Cyber Incidents (FACI) 28/01/2019  TBC    
Cyber Security Research Skills (CRES) 18/02/2019  TBC     C 
Wider Aspects of Cyber Security (WASP) 18/02/2019 TBC     C
Safety Management Systems (SMSY) 25/02/2019 06/01/2020 C C  
Through Life Safety (TLSA) 18/03/2018  24/02/2020  O  O  
Safety Case Development and Review (SCDR) 25/03/2019 23/03/2020 C C  
Security for Safety Critical Systems (SESA) 29/04/2019 27/04/2020 O



All modules take place over 5 days, starting on a Monday. The following abbreviations are used in the table above:

If the voluntary assessment is taken and passed, students can normally count the result towards the MSc award if they register within two years.

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