Agile for Embedded Systems Development Workshop

A practical, hands-on two-day workshop: 15-16 December 2010

This workshop will enable you to envision real, practical Agile planning for embedded systems development, including for safety-critical applications. Many of the practices that work for desktop software systems do not work well for embedded system development, and this workshop will show you:

  • How Agile methods must differ when developing embedded systems
  • How user stories pave the way for you to complete ALL the work you commit to in each iteration
  • What Agile "story points" really are, and why you need them
  • How to estimate a large Agile project several years long.

Through a project simulation exercise, you'll experience Agile estimation, release planning, and execution of two iterations. You can also submit some of your actual project requirements to be transformed into Agile user stories as a class exercise. Lectures and discussion is interspersed with a virtual tour of how a safety-critical embedded project started up using the Agile methods described in this workshop. No prior experience with Agile methods is assumed. This is an introductory course with special emphasis on the needs of embedded systems development.

Take a look at what is covered on the day.

The workshop is delivered by Nancy Van Schooenderwoert, an Agile Enterprise Coach with over a decade of experience applying Agile practices as an engineer, manager, and consultant. Nancy has led Agile change initiatives in safety-critical, highly regulated industries, and coached clients in the art of Agile technical and management leadership. Her experience spans embedded software development and applications in aerospace, factory automation, medical devices, defence systems and financial services.

Who should attend?

  • Software/Firmware Technical Leads
  • Project Managers
  • Functional Managers
  • Development Team Members
  • Testers
  • QA Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Analysts

Senior managers may benefit from this course, especially if their business uses lean manufacturing and would like to extend its benefits to development.

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Each place is just £175 per person for the two days, including refreshments.

We currently have funding of 60% from the price of this workshop for SMEs based in Yorkshire and the Humber region. SMEs are those with 250 employees of less. Please contact Alex King on for more details on how to book a place with this funding.

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Want to get even more benefit from the workshop?

Submit your own project requirements, and we will transform them into Agile user stories to be used as a class exercise.

Using your own project features will really help you to understand the power of Agile practices. Details that are expressed numerically can be changed without losing the benefits that the Agile story format gives, if necessary.

Contact Alex King if you would like to submit your example - it is first-come, first-served, so don't wait.

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Email: postgraduate@

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