PPIG 2011: Location


PPIG 2011 takes place at the University of York. York University's verdant campus hosts a fine collection of waterfowl and extremely successful departments of computer science and psychology. The city's proud history stars the pyrotechnic enthusiast Guy Fawkes, born in several places in the city; Richard III, notable breeder of roses but unlucky on the horses; and Richard (Dick) Turpin, inspector of highways. Curiously, all of them came to a sticky end. (See Guy Fawkes , Richard III, Dick Turpin.)

Some views of York on Flickr

How to get there

York is easily reached by rail and road. The university's Information for Visitors gives maps and directions, including disability information. For those coming by air, it should be noted that although Leeds-Bradford Airport is nearer to York, there is no rail link; whereas Manchester International Airport is linked directly to York by rail.

The Computer Science department, where PPIG will be held, is on the Heslington East Campus (map), about 1 mile south-east of the main campus (map) and linked by shuttle bus.

(More to come)