PPIG 2011: Submission templates

Workshop submissions

Workshop aubmissions should be 12 pages or less (short papers and work in progress reports are welcome). To format your paper, please use the PPIG Word Template or the LaTeX template below. To reduce printing costs, all illustrations should be in black and white if possible; if you believe colour is essential, please contact me and try to persuade me. As in previous years, the programme committee will review all submitted papers and, based on their reviews, each accepted paper will be classified as a "Full Technical Paper", or a "Work in Progress Report". All papers accepted for presentation at PPIG 2011 will appear in the workshop proceedings and be archived on the PPIG website.

Papers for the workshop should be submitted to thomas.green@cs.york.ac.uk. The email title should read "PPIG2011 Paper Submission: [Title of Paper]" and the attached paper should be in .pdf format.

Doctoral Consortium submissions

Submissions should be 5 pages or fewer and be submitted by email to M.Kutar@salford.ac.uk with the title 'PPIG2011 doctoral consortium submission' in .pdf format.

NOTE: PPIG may be able to provide support for students to attend the doctoral consortium and workshop; please contact Maria Kutar fo further details.


Deadlines: full papers, 17 July (was 9 July); short (work-in-progress) papers, 8 August; doctoral consortium, 31 July