PPIG 2011: Accommodation

You can stay on campus or at a hotel, or you can organise your own accommodation.

On campus

A number of single en-suite rooms have been reserved in Alcuin College on West Campus, which claims that "Alcuin offers some of the newest accommodation on the Heslington West campus. All 542 rooms are en-suite, and offer modern facilities including spacious wardrobe and storage." There is a walk of about a mile to the Computer Science building on East Campus where the conference takes place; a free shuttle service helps. These rooms cost £39.10 bed and breakfast. Please reserve and pay for your room when you register online.

Hotels (off campus)

There are few hotels close to the University campus, so if you prefer a hotel to the Alcuin college rooms you must be prepared to commute.

We have agreed special rates with a number of hotels in the city centre.

When you call to book your room simply tell them you are attending a University of York event and quote 'PPIG 2011' to obtain the special rate. Each hotel is holding a small number of rooms for PPIG, however, this is a very busy week in York and availability cannot be guaranteed. Note, however, that we cannot guarantee that the special rates reflect necessarily the best price, as these hotels frequently announce new promotion schemes.

Find your own

If you prefer finding your own accommodation, e.g., if you wish to stay at one of the numerous small Bed & Breakfast places in York, you can find and book such accommodation online via the Visit York web site or via one of the wider-ranging online services such as Trip Advisor.