Your link with industry: MSc internship scheme

Strengthen your CV with an MSc internship from October - December

The Department of Computer Science can obtain a number of internships through its network of industry contacts.

Typically, these internships run from October to December, once the student's MSc course has been completed. Internships offer a chance to put learning into practice in the workplace, whilst gaining some valuable work experience to put on a student's CV.

The Department can use its strong industrial links with leading companies in the sector to find suitable internships that will use the skills students have learnt in their degree. Each internship is paid, so students could be earning whilst they are gaining that valuable experience!

How does it work?

Internships are subject to availability from year to year.

When available, the scheme is open to both UK/EU and overseas postgraduate students.

Students will be given advice on creating a CV in the Spring term, when they will be invited to apply for the internships available. Students will be expected to take part in a competitive interview process in order to secure an internship.

Do I need to do anything when I apply?

No. If internships are available we'll be asking students to express an interest in the scheme when they arrive in the Autumn term, but the process won't begin until the Spring term.

Will I definitely get an internship?

We cannot guarantee that every student will be successful in their application for an internship. We are only offering these to our very best students across all of our postgraduate taught courses, so we anticipate that competition will be tough for those internships that are available.


Shang Huang Internship Student

The internship is a great buffer between university and the workplace. I'm now more prepared for my future career.

Shan Huang
MSc Software Engineering

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Cybula internship

We would highly recommend the internship programme. An intern can make a valuable contribution to ongoing projects.

Dr Tom Jackson
Chief Technology Officer, Cybula

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Eric Mwangi internship student 218x145

‌The biggest benefit of the internship is that I could apply the skills I learnt in my studies to real life problems in the workplace.

Eric Mwangi
MSc Software Engineering

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