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Doctoral Studentship Opportunities

Application process

Applications for studentships in the Doctoral Centre for Safe, Ethical and Secure Computing (SEtS) should follow the standard admissions process for applying for a PhD in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York. 

As part of this process, applicants should contact a potential supervisor to discuss the research area they are interested in. Visit our Find a Supervisor webpage to explore our academics' research areas and to find out how their work and expertise aligns with your own research interests.

In addition to the standard supporting documents that are required for all PhD applications, applicants for SEtS Studentships must also complete a supplementary SEtS Studentship application form

The SEtS Studentship application form must be jointly completed by the applicant and the supervisor to ensure that the PhD research proposal is aligned to the topics of safe, ethical and secure computing. It is therefore important that the research proposal is discussed and defined prior to the application submission.

Applications submitted without the form will be treated as regular applications to the PhD programme in the Department of Computer Science and will not be considered for the Centre's studentships.

All applications must be received by the Doctoral Centre for Safe, Ethical and Secure Computing by the deadline shown in the 'Key Dates', section below. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Professor Ana Cavalcanti sitting in front of white blinds wearing a black top and red jacket.

"We have a long-standing tradition of research on software and systems design and verification, including real-time issues and assurance of safety. With strong connections to the University's YorRobots, the Institute for Safe Autonomy and the RoboStar research group, SEtS will train the next generation of researchers to contribute to ongoing work in these groups."

Professor Ana Cavalcanti - Chair of YorRobots Executive Committee; Research Lead for Design & Verification, Institute for Safe Autonomy; Member of RoboStar Research Group; Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies

Eligibility and selection criteria

Studentships are only available to students eligible for UK (Home) tuition fee rates.

Applications received will be ranked by the quality of the entire submission, including CV, marks transcripts and performance at interview. In particular, we will look for evidence that demonstrates a clear ability to engage with the main aims of the Doctoral Centre for Safe, Ethical and Secure Computing.

For submissions of equivalent quality, preference will be given to applicants supervised by an Early Career Researcher (ie within 12 years of the completion of their PhD).

Key dates

Application period Open until positions are filled
Interviews Within two weeks of the submission of an application
Notification of offers Within a week following an interview
Deadline for accepting studentship offers Up to ten working days after an offer is made, and no later than 31 August 2021

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