Research Topics

To find a potential supervisor consult our list of research topics. Click on the name of the academic to find out more about their current research.

Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Professor Helen Petrie, Dr Chris Power

Agile software development

Professor Richard Paige, Professor John McDermid

Artificial intelligence

Dr James Cussens, Dr Dimitar Kazakov, Dr Daniel Kudenko, Dr Suresh Manandhar, Professor Peter Cowling, Dr Sam DevlinDr Simon O’Keefe

Autonomous and self-adaptive systems

Dr Radu Calinescu, Dr Rob Alexander, Professor Neil AudsleyProfessor Ana CavalcantiDr Daniel KudenkoDr Simon O’Keefe

Bayesian techniques for analysis and search

Dr James Cussens

Cloud computing

Dr Radu Calinescu, Professor Jim Austin, Professor Richard Paige, Dr Dimitris Kolovos

Computer architectures

Professor Jim Austin, Dr Chris Bailey, Professor Neil Audsley

Computer Graphics

Dr Will Smith

Computer Vision and Image Processing 

Professor Edwin HancockProfessor Richard WilsonDr Will SmithDr Adrian BorsDr Nick Pears


Dr Vasileios Vasilakis, Dr Siamak Shahandashti, Professor John McDermid, Professor Tim KellyDr Jeremy JacobDr Radu Calinescu

Cyber Physical Systems 

Professor Alan BurnsProfessor Neil AudsleyDr Leandro IndrusiakDr Iain BateProfessor Ana CavalcantiDr Rob DavisProfessor Tim Kelly

Data analytics

Professor Peter Cowling, Dr Anders Drachen, Dr Sam Devlin, Dr Dimitris Kolovos, Dr Suresh ManandharProfessor Richard PaigeDr Chris BaileyDr Daniel KudenkoDr Chris PowerDr Simon O’Keefe

Digital heritage

Dr Chris PowerProfessor Helen Petrie

Embedded systems

Professor Neil Audsley, Dr Leandro IndrusiakDr Chris Bailey

Enterprise systems: managing and developing large scale, complex IT systems

Professor Richard Paige, Dr Dimitris KolovosDr Radu Calinescu

Evolutionary computation

Dr Dan Franks, Professor Susan Stepney, Professor Richard Paige, Dr Rob Alexander

Formal specification languages, methods and tools

Professor Ana Cavalcanti, Professor Jim Woodcock, Dr Mike Dodds, Dr Jeremy Jacob, Dr Detlef PlumpDr Radu Calinescu

Functional programming

Professor Colin Runciman

Games and gamification

Professor Peter Cowling, Dr Sam Devlin, Dr Daniel Kudenko, Dr Paul CairnsDr Chris Power

Health informatics and medical devices

Dr Ibrahim Habli, Professor Tim Kelly, Dr Paul CairnsProfessor Richard PaigeDr Chris BaileyDr Iain Bate

Machine learning

Dr James Cussens, Dr Dimitar KazakovDr Daniel KudenkoProfessor Edwin HancockDr Simon O’KeefeDr Nick Pears

Automated and Model-Driven Software Engineering

Professor Richard Paige, Dr Dimitris Kolovos, Dr Radu CalinescuDr Paul Cairns

Natural language processing

Dr Suresh ManandharDr Dimitar Kazakov

Neural networks

Dr Simon O’KeefeProfessor Jim Austin

Programming Languages and Systems

Dr Detlef Plump

Quantum information processing

Professor Sam Braunstein, Professor Stefano Pirandola

Real time languages and systems

Professor Alan Burns, Professor Neil AudsleyProfessor Ana CavalcantiDr Leandro Indrusiak, Dr Iain Bate, Dr Rob Davis

Safety analysis, system safety

Professor Tim Kelly, Dr Ibrahim Habli, Dr Rob Alexander, Dr Mark NicholsonProfessor John McDermidDr Iain Bate

Safety of autonomous and self-adaptive systems

Dr Radu Calinescu, Dr Rob Alexander, Professor Ana CavalcantiProfessor John McDermid, Professor Tim KellyDr Ibrahim HabliDr Iain Bate

Simulating complex systems

Professor Susan StepneyDr Dan Franks

Software engineering

Professor Richard Paige, Professor Ana CavalcantiDr Dimitris Kolovos, Professor John McDermid, Dr Rob Alexander, Dr Radu Calinescu, Professor Tim KellyDr Ibrahim Habli

Software testing

Dr Rob AlexanderProfessor Richard Paige

Usability and User Experience

Dr Chris Power, Professor Helen Petrie, Dr Paul Cairns

Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things

Dr Iain BateDr Chris Bailey