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We encourage you to explore our academics' research areas in detail to find out how their work and expertise fit with your own research interests. 

To find a potential supervisor, consult our list of current research areas and click on the name of the academic to find out more about their academic interests. 

You may also find it helpful to take a look at our webpages which explain more about the core research strengths of the Department of Computer Science here at the University of York.

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Research areaAcademic Supervisors

Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Professor Helen PetrieDr Leonardo Sandoval Guzman

Agile Software Development

Professor John McDermid

Argumentation and Dialogue Systems

Dr Tommy Yuan 

Artificial Intelligence

Dr Dimitar KazakovDr Simon O’Keefe, Dr Tommy YuanDr Peter NightingaleDr Adrian BorsDr Simos GerasimouDr Pengcheng LiuDr Poonam YadavTarique Anwar

Autonomous and Self-adaptive Systems

Dr Radu CalinescuDr Rob AlexanderProfessor Ana CavalcantiDr Tommy YuanDr Ian GrayDr Javier Camara MorenoDr Peter NightingaleDr Simos GerasimouDr Pengcheng LiuDr Poonam YadavDr Alan Millard

Cloud Computing

Dr Radu CalinescuDr Leandro Soares Indrusiak

Computer Architectures

Dr Chris BaileyDr Ian GrayDr Steven Wright

Computer Graphics

Dr Will SmithDr Claudio Guarnera

Computer Vision and Image Processing 

Dr Kofi AppiahProfessor Richard WilsonDr Will SmithDr Adrian BorsDr Nick PearsDr Patrik HuberDr Claudio Guarnera


Dr Vasileios VasilakisDr Siamak ShahandashtiProfessor John McDermidDr Jeremy JacobDr Radu CalinescuDr Adrian BorsDr Pooya FarshimDr Leonardo Sandoval GuzmanDr Poonam YadavTarique Anwar

Cyber Physical Systems 


Professor Alan BurnsDr Leandro Soares Indrusiak, Professor Iain BateProfessor Ana CavalcantiDr Rob DavisDr Ian GrayDr Siyuan JiDr Simos GerasimouDr Poonam Yadav

Data Analytics


Professor Anders DrachenProfessor Dimitris KolovosDr Chris BaileyDr Simon O’KeefeDr Tommy YuanDr Nicholas MatragkasDr Peter NightingaleDr Adrian BorsDr Dan FranksDr David ZendleTarique Anwar

Digital Government

Dr Leonardo Sandoval Guzman 

Digital Heritage

Professor Helen Petrie

Embedded Systems

Dr Kofi AppiahDr Leandro Soares IndrusiakDr Chris BaileyDr Ian GrayDr Poonam YadavDr Alan Millard

Enterprise systems: managing and developing large scale, complex IT systems

Professor Dimitris KolovosDr Radu CalinescuDr Javier Camara MorenoDr Nicholas MatragkasDr Simos Gerasimou

Evolutionary Computation

Dr Dan FranksProfessor Susan StepneyDr Rob AlexanderDr Simos GerasimouDr Leandro Soares IndrusiakDr Alan Millard

Formal Specification Languages, Methods and Tools

Professor Ana CavalcantiProfessor Jim WoodcockDr Jeremy JacobDr Detlef PlumpDr Radu CalinescuDr Javier Camara MorenoDr Simos Gerasimou

Games and Gamification

Professor Paul CairnsDr Jen BeestonDr David Zendle

Health Informatics and Medical Devices

Dr Kofi AppiahProfessor Paul CairnsDr Chris BaileyProfessor Iain BateDr Leonardo Sandoval GuzmanDr Pengcheng LiuDr Poonam YadavTarique Anwar

Machine Learning

Dr Dimitar KazakovDr Simon O’KeefeDr Nick PearsDr Tommy Yuan,  Dr Peter NightingaleDr Adrian BorsDr Simos GerasimouDr Pengcheng LiuDr Poonam YadavTarique Anwar

Automated and Model-driven Software Engineering

Professor Dimitris KolovosDr Radu CalinescuProfessor Paul CairnsDr Ian GrayDr Javier Camara MorenoDr Nicholas MatragkasDr Simos Gerasimou

Natural Language Processing

Dr Dimitar KazakovDr Tommy YuanTarique Anwar

Neural Networks

Dr Adrian BorsDr Simon O’KeefeTarique Anwar

Programming Languages and Systems

Dr Detlef Plump

Quantum Information Processing

Professor Sam BraunsteinProfessor Stefano Pirandola

Real Time Languages and Systems

Professor Alan BurnsProfessor Ana CavalcantiDr Leandro Soares IndrusiakProfessor Iain BateDr Rob DavisDr Ian Gray

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Dr Pengcheng LiuDr Alan MillardProfessor Ana Cavalcanti

Safety Analysis and System Safety

Dr Rob AlexanderDr Mark NicholsonProfessor John McDermidProfessor Iain BateDr Siyuan Ji

Safety of Autonomous and Self-adaptive Systems

Dr Radu CalinescuDr Rob AlexanderProfessor Ana CavalcantiProfessor John McDermidProfessor Iain BateDr Javier Camara MorenoDr Siyuan JiDr Poonam YadavDr Mark Nicholson

Simulating Complex Systems

Professor Susan StepneyDr Dan FranksDr Alan Millard

Software Engineering

Professor Ana CavalcantiProfessor Dimitris KolovosProfessor John McDermidDr Rob AlexanderDr Radu CalinescuDr Javier Camara MorenoDr Nicholas MatragkasDr Siyuan JiDr Simos Gerasimou

Software Testing

Dr Rob AlexanderDr Nicholas MatragkasDr Simos Gerasimou

Usability and User Experience

Professor Helen PetrieProfessor Paul CairnsDr Leonardo Sandoval GuzmanDr Jen Beeston

Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things

Professor Iain BateDr Chris BaileyDr Pengcheng LiuDr Poonam YadavDr Leandro Soares Indrusiak