Yue Zhang

MSc in Computing

Software Engineer, Gohigh Ltd, Datang Group, China

During my MSc programme, in York, I was well trained in nearly every aspect of Computer Science:  from theory to practice, from  software development to software testing, from programming language to human-computer interface, from computer architecture to web design, and from real-time programming to design patterns.

What have you learned from your time studying in York?

In lectures, tutorials and seminars, I developed a solid foundation of knowledge, the ability to learn new technologies and a comprehensive way of thinking in order to analyse and solve problems.  In practicals, I was assigned plenty of coursework, which helped me to develop strong technical skills.  This made me feel more confident when I started working in industry.

After you graduate, you will have the potential to become a team leader or a project manager, not only because you will have strong technical skills and a solid foundation of knowledge, but because you will have advanced concepts and thoughts.

In York, you will not only be taught the knowledge and skills of Computer Science, but also the ethics and morality of a technical role. You'll know what is right and what is wrong, what you should do and what you mustn't do.  This may not seem to be very important in the UK, but it does make sense in other countries.

What did you think of the Department?

The staff in the department are very friendly and professional, and many of them have in depth experience of working in industry.  Every lecture was well prepared and delivered; and every email I sent to them was responded to in plenty of time. 

Whenever you need help, the staff are on hand to assist, and they are totally reliable.  Personally, I received assistance from the Department's staff before I came to York, when I was at York and even after I left.  My academic supervisor was Professor Alan Burns and my project supervisor was Professor Jim Woodcock, and both are renowned professors in their areas.  I felt I could talk to them without any hesitation and they would always help me out.

Did you enjoy your time with us?

No matter whether you are a UK student or an international student, York has a diversity of cultures and it will feel like home.

As an international student myself, I didn't feel any culture shock. People here are friendly and you can look for help from anyone.  I can guarantee that you will be treated with warmth and respect no matter where you are from, with staff offering professional help and advice at all times.

Do you have any advice for people thinking about postgraduate study in Computer Science at York?

While York offers you the best staff and courses, you still need to work very hard.

I found it useful to review the knowledge I have learned on a regular basis.  You need to treat the practical sessions seriously, and do your own practical work based on your own interests and requirements.  I recommend that you read the books and articles on the suggested list as far as possible.  You will also find it useful to undertake additional reading relevant to your own interests.