Nidhi Modi - MSc in Cyber Security

Although studying a Master’s in Cyber Security sounds really challenging, it became easier when I actually got involved in it, and with the help of my professors and supervisors.

My schedule was completely different from the other computer science departments. It had one week of lectures for each module, where I had to study the whole day, but it never felt hectic, as we were having small breaks, and a huge amount of programming. I loved this the most about the degree. Also, the practical help from my professors, discussing issues throughout lectures - even after the lectures - increased my knowledge in this field enormously. The end of the one week study in college, leads to three weeks of self-study to complete an assessment. I had no idea when my time passed here!

After a few months, I got an internship in a well-known company, as a developer, which improved my self-confidence, and made me believe that, although I am an international student, I can make my home in York. I used to have one week of lectures and alternate days of work during the remaining weeks. During holidays, my days passed with in-depth interesting study and learning many new IT tools for cyber security.

The course structure has a huge amount of variety and different angles to look at the technology, and I never feel it is too much. The more I read and study, the more I want to know about each module. It has never been too frantic for me to learn something new in this course, and it really becomes interesting once you are studying. Dedication is all this course asks from a student.

Though the weather is variable, visiting York’s city centre always surprises me! It is full of life, with music, street performances, and an infinite choice of cuisine. The nightlife itself has its own colours in York. Weekends spent in York and surrounding towns are my favorites, and the numerous societies at the University has also improved my outdoor activities, and I keep meeting new people here!

I love surprises and York is indeed full of surprises. I’m half way through my one year master’s course and I have no idea how the time passed so quickly, with meeting new people and learning so much about different cultures! At the start, I was nervous about the Cyber Security course, but now I feel proud choosing this course at the University of York. It has advanced my career opportunities and my self-confidence. The diversity of the IT field, the international culture, the variety of food, and surprises makes my academic year cheerful!

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