Hashem Ali Ghazzawi

Engineering Doctorate in Large Scale Complex IT Systems

Sponsoring organisation: Airbus

Project: HPC Simulation Workflows on an Extended Enterprise

I've had industrial experiences during my undergraduate degree, and have decided to take my research skills a step further towards industry after completing my Masters. Having had access to the Engineering Doctorate's Research Engineers (the name given to those on the Engineering Doctorate), I was aware of the advantages of studying for an Engineering Doctorate, primarily because of the valuable industrial experience in research and development. This will certainly help me in pursuing careers in consultancy, industrial research and development and even academia with a strong industrial liaison.

Why did you choose to study at York?

Firstly, because it is an internationally renowned university in teaching and research. Secondly, the Department is hosting the Engineering Doctorate in a very interesting research umbrella. The Large Scale Complex IT Systems (LSCITS) initiative attract me as a control systems engineering Masters student.

Are you enjoying studying for the Engineering Doctorate?

Yes, indeed! Doing the research in Computer Science at York has made me aware of a lot of national and international research realms that are potentially beneficial for me and my research in particular. This has come from the weekly research meetings hosted in the Department.

What do you think of the Department of Computer Science at York?

I get the opportunity to travel overseas attending conferences and useful courses that aid me in improving my research. This is great for research students, especially when surrounded by friendly staff and supervisors.

How does working with an organisation make a difference?

Industry have different rules to academia when it comes to research and development. The preferred approach is to use existing technologies fine-tuned to the industrial scenario, rather than coming up with breakthroughs every time a problem arises. Working with the support of Airbus has guided me in my research to find new things to help solve existing industrial research problems.

How do you think the Engineering Doctorate will help you in your career?

It will benefit me in gaining enough skills to allow me to find career opportunities in consultancy (due to the University/industry time split and dealing with clients in both organisations). I will also have enough skills to stay in industry pursuing a career in research and development. Finally, I think my Engineering Doctorate will most certainly help me to potentially pursue a career in academia, and to establish strong liaision with industry in a research collaboration.

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of studying for the Engineering Doctorate?

Do it! It will certainly help you as a fresh graduate or an experienced engineer/scientist to build strong skills and contacts to improve your current job status. It will also open doors to help you pursue a career in different fields - academia, industry or consultancy.