Akshay Mehta

MSc in Software Engineering

Why did you choose to study the MSc in Software Engineering at York?

I chose the MSc in Software Engineering to gain a further insight in to the software development process and life cycle. The modules of the course looked promising and seemed to provide comprehensive understanding into each phase of the software development life cycle. Secondly, I was looking for a course that would extend my knowledge and experience in the software field and the course at York fitted well in the category.

Why did you choose to study Computer Science at the University of York?

The Department of  Computer Science at York was well ranked in all the various university ranking tables. That the quality of teaching was well regarded and they had high rankings in research were also factors that informed my choice. Students graduating from Computer Science at the University of York also had higher employment prospects when compared with other similar universities in the United Kingdom.

What do you particularly like about being a Computer Science student at York?

The group project is one of the aspects of the course that impressed me a lot. It provided us with an opportunity to work in a group in a real life scenario where a client presents the group with a problem. We had to build a software solution for the client using all the techniques that we had learnt in the course so far. It gave me a better understanding that each step is important in the whole process and how to perform that step better each time. Apart from team building skills, I also gained technical knowledge, as we were forced to think more and sometimes work in areas we have never worked before.

The course content does full justice to the name Software Engineering. Before studying the course I never thought that requirements engineering or user centred design would be that important in software development, but my perception has changed a lot. The object oriented design was a really nice module where the practical exercises in the laboratory made you to think out of the box and apply the things taught in the lecture. The final dissertation gave me an opportunity to enhance my research and writing skills, which would prove to be very helpful if you are planning to study for a PhD next.

York is a very nice and friendly city. The universty also has lots of societies so you can meet different kinds of people from all over the world. York has many places to eat and lots of places to go out, so no matter what time you are hungry or want to have fun, there are plenty of options! The city of York is an historic walled city, with plenty to explore, as well as being well connected to the rest of the country.

Would you recommend York and the Department of Computer Science?

Yes, I would definitely recommend the University of York to prospective students because it is very well regarded, the staff are great, the York Careers team gives you all the help you need to find a job, and York is a very nice place to live as well. All of these would make me choose York over everywhere else!

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