A Week in the Life of Gustavo Vargas Tena

Image of Gustavo Vargas Tena

What is Gustavo studying?

Gustavo is studying the MSc in Software Engineering. 

Where is Gustavo from?

Gustavo is from Mexico City in central Mexico. He is currently living in University accommodation near the city centre.


It is a nice morning, and so I walk to the Department for my morning lectures.

After the lectures, I make my way home to do some reading and work on one of my assessments which is due in very soon.

I live with 25 other students from all around the world, including China, Korea, Japan, USA and Brazil.  Tonight, one of my Brazilian housemates is cooking for a few of us – I’m looking forward to a fantastic meal!


After coffee and breakfast, I go straight to the Department for a lecture in Software Management.

I have lunch with friends from the course, and then we go to our lecture in Concurrent and Real Time Programming, followed by another lecture in User Centred Design.

When I have finished, I go to the Sports Village for a game of squash with one of my housemates – a great way to relax after a busy day.


I have another lecture this morning, followed by a practical. Afterwards, I go to the Ron Cooke Hub and have some lunch with friends.

In the afternoon, I go to the Masters Lab and work on one of my projects. I also do some reading to prepare for tomorrow's lecture.

I am a member of the Latin American Society and, on Wednesdays, we have a 'Movie Night'.  This is a great opportunity to meet with other students, watch a movie, and discuss it afterwards.  After the movie, I go for a quick drink in one of the bars on campus before going home to bed.


After breakfast, I go straight to the Department for a lecture and a practical session. In the afternoon, I go to the Masters Lab to catch up on some programming.

At 3pm, I meet my Supervisor and we discuss the work I have done so far. After the meeting, I head back home and decide to go for run with two of my housemates.


I have a practical session this morning. Afterwards, I have time for a coffee in the Ron Cooke Hub with a friend, before heading back over to the Masters Lab to finish some work.

Tonight, I am heading over to Wentworth College to help teach salsa – great fun, and often very funny! After a good night, I go home and chat with my housemates in the Common Room.


There is a festival taking place in the centre of York this weekend, and so I walk into the city with two of my housemates to see what is happening.

In our house tonight, we are having another ‘International Dinner’: everyone is preparing a traditional dish from their country. These evenings are always great fun, and I enjoy relaxing with my housemates.


I have an early start today, as I am going out for the day with the Outdoor Society. We often have day trips at the weekend, and today we are going to Robin Hood’s Bay on the Yorkshire coast. I have been told that I must try the fish and chips!

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