A Week in the Life of Yvi Eichhorn

Image of Yvie Eichhorn

What is Yvi studying?

Yvi is studying the MSc in Human-Centred Interactive Technologies.

Where is Yvi from?

Yvi's hometown is near Stuttgart in Germany. She is currently living on campus in Halifax College.


The week starts with a two hour seminar first thing in the morning. There is time for an early lunch in the Hub with friends before heading over for a lecture in User Centred Design. Classes are finished by 1.15pm, and I go back to my flat and do some work.

I attend the Gymnastics Club at the University's Sports Centre on Monday evenings, and sometimes I help to coach other students. Tonight they were practising back somersaults – they did brilliantly! There is time for a quick drink afterwards, and then I head home.


I don’t have any lectures or seminars this morning, so I have time for breakfast with a friend who lives in a flat nearby. After breakfast, I head over to the Software Lab in the Department to catch up with some study.

This afternoon, I have another lecture in User Centred Design. During the break, I discuss some of the issues raised with my fellow students.

After a quick bite to eat, I go to my evening class where I am learning British Sign Language.


I am up early this morning to catch up on some reading before heading over to a seminar, then it’s straight into a practical in the labs. After the practical, some of us go to the Ron Cooke Hub and discuss our work over lunch.

In the afternoon, I meet up with some of the PhD students to play the game ‘Resistance’. Afterwards, we head over to one of the local pubs in Heslington for a drink.


There is time for a leisurely breakfast this morning, then I cycle over to the Department for a lecture and more practicals in the afternoon. My classes are finished by 4.15pm, and I get together with some of my course mates to finish off some group work we have been doing.


After grabbing a coffee from the Hub, I head over to the Department for a seminar which starts at 9.15am. Then it’s over to the library to do some reading before I make my way back home.

I am member of the Tea & Coffee Club and, on Friday afternoons, I go to a local retirement home to chat and drink tea with the residents.


I have quite a lot of work to do this weekend, so I go over to the labs in the Department in the morning.

In the afternoon, I go into the city centre to meet friends for lunch and then it’s time to go food shopping. I’m meeting friends in town tonight so, after a quick dinner, I catch the bus into the city centre for a few drinks.


It is a sunny day today, so I go out for a jog around the university campus. Then it’s back home for lunch with friends, and time to catch up on a little reading before the seminar on Monday morning.

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