A Week in the Life of Yongjie Chen

Image of Yongjie Chen

What is Yongjie studying?

Yongjie is studying the MSc in Human-Centred Interactive Technologies. 

Where is Yongjie from?

Yongjie is from the Henan Province in Eastern Central China. She lives off-campus in private accommodation with two housemates.


After breakfast with one of my housemates, I go the Department of Computer Science for a two hour lecture in Requirements Engineering.

After lunch, I go to the Masters Lab to do some work, and then I have a practical later in the afternoon. I have the opportunity to discuss my work with the lecturer before I leave.

After the practical, I have time for a quick swim before going home to have dinner with my housemates.


I finish off my reading for this morning’s lecture, and then leave to go to my lecture for the Understanding Users module.

I go with some fellow students to the Hub for lunch and check my emails, and afterwards I go over to the labs for another practical session.

We finish late in the afternoon, and I go to the Glasshouse for a drink before going home to do the recommended reading from this morning’s lecture.


I have an Understanding Users lecture first thing this morning. Afterwards, I go to The Edge Cafe Bar at Wentworth College to have lunch with two of my friends who are also from China.

In the afternoon, I go to a seminar in Careers. This week, it is about how to improve interview skills, and I find it very useful. Afterwards, I go home and look at my notes from this morning's lecture, as I have a practical first thing tomorrow.


I get to the Department early so that I can finish off preparing for my Understanding Users practical. The practical finishes at 11.15am, and afterwards I have time to go to the library to find some reading material.


This morning, I have a meeting with my supervisor which takes about half an hour. He suggests some extra reading for one of my modules that he thinks I would find interesting.

After lunch with a friend, I go to the Masters Lab to do some work and then I go to the Sports Village for a swim.


I relax at home this morning with my housemates. In the afternoon, we go into the city centre to do some food shopping and we cook a meal together in the evening.

In the evening, I check my emails and Skype my family in China.


I am a member of the Outdoor Society, and today we are going to the Yorkshire Dales for a hike. It is a little rainy today, but hopefully we won’t get too wet!

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