A Week in the Life of Sorachai Kamollimsakul

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What is Sorachai studying?

Sorachai is in the third year of his PhD studies.

He is a member of the Human Computer Interaction Research Group and his research focuses on web design guidelines for older people.

Where is Sorachai from?

Sorachai comes from Nakhon Ratchasima, a province in the north east of Thailand.  He is currently living in private accommodation near the centre of York with housemates from Korea, China, Mexico, Greece and the UK.


I have time to catch up on some reading in the morning, and afterwards I go to the labs in the Department to check the results on some experiments.

I have lunch with friends from York Management School at the café in the Ron Cooke Hub, before going back to my desk to check my email and do some writing.

In the evening, I am meeting friends at the new Sports Village for a game of badminton.


I have some more reading to do, and I carry on writing a paper that I am preparing for submission to the 15th ACM SIGACCESS International Conference on Computers and Accessibility.

After lunch, I go to the Interaction Labs to carry out some more studies, and then it's time to go home and join my housemates for dinner.


I have a meeting with my supervisor this morning, and we discuss the experiments that I have been carrying out this week. We look at the results and talk about the next stage of my research.

In the afternoon, I go to the main campus for my English classes. These two-hour classes are very enjoyable, and are a great way to improve my English skills.

After my class, I meet a friend for dinner – and it’s my turn to cook!


After breakfast with one of my housemates, I concentrate on writing my journal paper, and I stay at home so I can do as much as possible.

After lunch, I walk over to the Department labs to carry on with one of my experiments. Later on in the afternoon, I have time to walk to the nearby international supermarket to buy some food for dinner.


Another morning in the Interaction Lab, then I have lunch with some of my colleagues. We talk about our work, and I discuss the results of my recent experiments with them.

In the afternoon, I continue with some writing and then I go home for dinner. Tonight, one of my housemates is cooking a special meal for everyone.


I am looking forward to relaxing today, and I catch a train to Sheffield to meet some friends who are PhD students at university there. We have dinner at a restaurant in the city centre, and afterwards I catch a train home.


It’s a lovely day today and, as I am a keen photographer, I walk into York city centre to take some photographs in the Museum Gardens.

I meet up with some friends later in the afternoon, and then I go back to the flat to do some reading and to prepare for a meeting the next day.

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