A Week in the Life of Hao Xu

Image of Hao Xu

What is Hao studying?

Hao is studying the MSc in Computing.

Where is Hao from?

Hao is from Suzhou, which is near Shanghai in the Jiangsu Province in Eastern China. While in York, he live on campus in Halifax College with housemates of several different nationalities.


This morning, I don't have any lectures or seminars, and so I catch up on some reading at home. I then make my way to the Department for my first lecture.

Later on, I meet with friends from my course to look through some lecture notes, and then it’s time for the second lecture of the day.

By 3.15pm, we are finished, and I go to the Sports Village for a swim. In the evening, I finish off my reading, and afterwards have a chat with my housemates.


I have a full day in class today, so I get up early to go to the Department for the first lecture of the day in Computer Systems Architecture.  

After lunch, I have another lecture and then I go over to the labs for a programming practical. We can complete some of the extra tasks set in the practical in our own time, and I stay on in the lab after the session to carry on with my work.

When I get home, I look through my notes from today’s lecture, and then it’s time to go out. Tonight, I am meeting some friends for dinner in the city centre.


I go the Department first thing for a two hour lecture in Advanced Programming Concepts and Java Advanced Programming. Afterwards, I meet some of my fellow students for lunch, and we talk through some of the issues arising from the lecture.

In the afternoon, I go to the Masters Lab to finish off some of my work. I then go to the University library to pick up some more reading, before carrying on into the city centre. It’s my turn to cook tonight, and so I am going to one of the international supermarkets to do some food shopping.


I join my housemates for breakfast this morning. Afterwards, I go to my desk to look back at the lecture notes from this week and to prepare for this afternoon’s practical. The practical sessions gives me a chance to put into practice the material covered in the lectures.

After the practical, I make my way home and get ready to go for a run. In the evening, I stay in the flat and prepare for tomorrow’s morning lecture.


This morning, I have a lecture in Computer Systems Architecture. The lecture finishes at lunchtime, and I have a something to eat before going over to the Masters Lab to continue with my work.

In the afternoon, I have a seminar in Computer Systems Architecture, and I come away with some extra reading about the topic we discussed.

This evening, I am going to the cinema with friends, and we will have a drink at a pub afterwards.


Today, I take some time in the morning to read through my notes from the week’s lectures and seminars. Later in the morning, I go over to the labs to do some practical work.

After lunch, I go to the gym at the Sports Village, then it’s back home to prepare dinner for my housemates – it is my turn to cook!


I go for a run straight after breakfast, and then do a little reading.

In the afternoon, I meet some friends for lunch and afterwards we take a short walk around York. Before bed, I write a few emails to my friends and family back home in China.

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