A Week in the Life of Anna Bramwell-Dicks

Image of Anna Bramwell-Dicks

What is Anna studying? 

Anna is a third year PhD Student.

Her research focuses on Affective Musical Interaction incorporating audio within interactive technologies to affect users' experience and their behaviour.

Where is Anna from?

Anna is from Chesham in South Buckinghamshire, UK. She lives near the University and shares a flat with a friend.


The week starts with leading a seminar in Human Aspects of Computer Science for first year undergraduates. It is finished by lunchtime and I grab a bite to eat while checking my email.

After lunch, I head to the labs to assist in the teaching of an undergraduate practical session. By 4.30pm, the session is finished, and I go back to my desk to start writing up some feedback from previous sessions.

In the evening, it’s time for my yoga class at the Sports Village, and then I head home for dinner and a catch up with my flatmate.


Today, I have a short meeting with my supervisor to discuss what I have been working on this week. She makes some suggestions about one of the studies I would like to run, and we agree to talk about it further at our meeting next week.

I meet a fellow PhD student for lunch, and then I make my way to the seminar I am leading for undergraduates. After the seminar, I grab a coffee and go back to my desk to check my email, and then go to the lab to continue with some research.


I have a meeting planned with a couple of other research students with whom I’m organising the York Doctorial Symposium. This is a small conference held at York every year and, this year, I am the Chair of the Organising Committee. I talk to the other students about progress made with the arrangements, and we agree to meet next week.

I have some writing to do this afternoon, and so I go to the Harry Fairhurst Building near the library on the main campus for some quiet time with no distractions. Then it’s off to the gym again for a zumba class at the Sports Village.


As soon as I arrive at the Department, I make my way to the Interaction Labs to analyse the data on a study I am running. I then head back home to continue with my writing.

Tonight, I meet up with some friends for a drink, and then we go to the City Screen in the centre of York to see a film.


There is more teaching this morning, with a practical demonstration for undergraduates. After lunch, I catch up on my reading and write some feedback for students on the modules that I help to teach.

Later in the afternoon, I join my department colleagues for a drink in the Glasshouse, which is one of the new bars on Heslington East.


I have a little bit more reading to do, and then I head into the city centre to do a bit of shopping.

In the evening, I meet up with a few friends. We catch a train to Leeds, have a bite to eat and see a live band.


I have a lazy start with the Sunday papers, and then I start to prepare the meal for friends who are coming over for lunch. There is plenty of interesting discussion, and we wrap up the afternoon with a few board games at a local pub.

In the evening, I check over the material for the seminar that I am leading the next morning, and then head to bed.

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