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How to use the templates

  • for adding an event put the following into an appropriate section of this page:
{{EListEntry|id|date|time and place|who|title|abstract}}
  • this will result in a nice table containing all the information you typend in:
date who: "title"
time and place Abstract: abstract

  • don't forget to assign a number to the id field of the entry!
  • then add the entry to the table on top of the page:
  • the id field should be set to the same number as in the main entry containing the abstract
  • keep in mind that this is a single table where the different rows need to be separated by |- -- if things look odd you may forget a separator

How to improve it

  • I'm already thinking of doing both steps in a single command.. be patient, please --Muehlber 15:27, 2 March 2006 (GMT)