Meetings in Spring 2001

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No. Date Time Room Speaker Title
147 Thursday, 18 January 4:15 CS/103 Colin Runciman Space 2001 - A reprise
148 Thursday, 25 January 4:15 CS/202J Adam Bakewell Looking for Leaks
149 Thursday, 1 February 4:15 CS/202J Kieran Clenaghan Overview of current work on Kleene algebra
150 Thursday, 15 February 4:15 CS/202J Kieran Clenaghan Kleene algebra in algorithmics
151 Thursday, 1 March 4:15 CS/202J Olaf Chitil Debugging Type Errors
152 Thursday, 8 March 4:15 CS/119N Joe Wells (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh) A Paradigm Shift in Program Analysis and Transformation via Intersection and Union Types
153 Monday, 19 March 3:15 CS/103 Claus Reinke (University of Kent at Canterbury) GHood - Visualising Observations of Haskell Program Runs