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Individual group members can be reached by sending email to their email alias

Current Members

Mustafa Aydin, Research Student (EngD).
Rudy Braquehais, Research Student.
  • interests: Property-based testing.
  • email: rmb532 [at]
Mike Dodds, Anniversary Research Lecturer (HISE Group, York).
Glyn Faulkner, Research Student.
  • email: glyn.faulkner [at]
Ivaylo Hristakiev, Research Student.
  • email: ish503 [at]
Jeremy Jacob, Senior Lecturer.
Detlef Plump, Senior Lecturer.
Colin Runciman, Professor.
Ibrahim Shiyam, Research Student.
Alan Wood, Senior Lecturer.
The PLASMA group in February 2010

Former Members

Jason Reich, Research Student.
Marco Perez Cervantes, Research Student.
Firas Moalla, Research Student.
Jose Calderon, Research Student.
Christopher Bak, Research Student.
Chris Poskitt, Postdoctoral Researcher (ETH Zürich).

Nuno Amálio, Research Student.

  • interests: Formal software engineering.

Adam Bakewell, Research Associate.

Michael Banks, Research Student.

Tang Bo, Research Student.

  • interests: Graph transformation.
Peter Booth, Research Student.
  • email: [11]
  • interests: Vehicle networks

Néstor Cataño, Research Associate.

  • interests: Verification and validation of software systems using model checking and symbolic techniques.

Olaf Chitil, Teaching Fellow.

Kieran Clenaghan, Visiting Researcher.

  • interests: Algebra for algorithm calculation.

Jonathan Ezekiel, Research Student.

  • interests: Model checking.

Guanhua He, Research Student.

Paritosh Ingole, Research Student.

  • interests: Parallel functional programming, tracing tools, cryptography.

Stephane Konstantaropoulos, Research Student.

  • interests: Open source software, C programming language.

Gerald Luettgen, Reader.

  • interests: Reactive-systems design, concurrency theory, model checking.

John Lusty, Research Student.

  • interests: Coordination models.
Greg Manning, Research Student.
  • interests: Graphs, Graph-based programming languages and tools.

Neil Mitchell, Research Student.

Jan Tobias Mühlberg, Research Student.

  • interests: Software verification, model checking.
Matthew Naylor, Teaching Fellow.

Michael O'Neill, Undergraduate Intern.

Fiona Polack, Senior Lecturer.

Anuja Ranjan, Visiting Research Student.

Tom Shackell, Research Student.

Ambuj Singh, Visiting Intern Student.

Sandra Steinert, Research Student.
  • interests: Theory and application of graph transformation, graph-based programming languages and tools.

Nur Izura Udzir, Research Student.

  • interests: Capability-based coordination.
Malcolm Wallace, Research Associate.
  • interests: Domain-specific language design, functional programming, visualisation, debugging/tracing, profiling, optimisation, embedded systems.

Lesley Wevers, Visiting Research Student.

  • institute: University of Twente
  • length of visit: May-July 2011.
  • interests: Programming methods (languages, paradigms, model based, etc.); algorithms for program verification.

Andrew Wilkinson, Research Student.

  • interests: Types and coordination.
Yining Zhao, Research Student.