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Academic and Additional Roles

Member of MSc ACS admissions teamDr Tommy Yuan
ACS MSc admissions team memberDr Daniel Franks
Admissions tutor (Undergraduate)Nick Pears
Careers liaison officerChristopher Crispin-Bailey
Chair of Athena Swan CommitteeRichard Paige
Chair of Board of ExaminersRob Alexander
Chair of Board of StudiesIain Bate
Chair of CS/Maths Executive CommitteeDetlef Plump
Chair of CS/Maths Joint Board of StudiesDetlef Plump
Chair of Cyber SecurityDelaram Kahrobaei
Chair of Departmental Management CommitteeProf James Woodcock
Chair of Departmental Research committeeRichard Paige
Chair of Departmental Teaching CommitteeDimitar Kazakov
Chair of HR CommitteeProf James Woodcock
Chair of Hub ForumSusan Stepney
Chair of Masters Teaching CommitteeIain Bate
Chair of Mitigating Circumstances CommitteeRichard Wilson
Chair, Computer Science Equality CommitteeHelen Petrie
Chinese Universities Collaboration DirectorDr Tommy Yuan
Course co-ordinator (MSc Computing)Dr Leandro Soares Indrusiak
Course co-ordinator (MSc GTC)Ibrahim Habli
Course co-ordinator (MSc IT)Dr Leandro Soares Indrusiak
CPD courses co-ordinatorDavid Pumfrey
CPD Team ManagerTim Kelly
CS/Maths Programme AdvisorDetlef Plump
CSBE co-ordinatorRichard Paige
Data protection officerRichard Selby
Departmental Research Student Training OfficerProf Paul Cairns
Departmental Theme lead for People, Health and WellbeingProf Paul Cairns
Deputy Head of Department (Research)Richard Paige
Deputy Head of Department (Teaching)Dr Simon O'Keefe
Director of York Centre for Complex Systems AnalysisSusan Stepney
Director, Lloyd’s Register Foundation Assuring Autonomy International ProgrammJohn McDermid
Disability advisorDr Katrina Attwood, Rob Alexander
E-assignment Steering Group ChairDr Steve King
Early Career OfficerDr Katrina Attwood
Faculty Executive CommitteeProf NC Audsley
HEA liaison officerIan Benest
Head of Cyber Security GroupStefano Pirandola
Head of DepartmentProf James Woodcock, Prof NC Audsley
Head Start organiserLilian Blot
HoRG ACAProf Jim Austin
HoRG CVPRProf Edwin Hancock
HoRG ESRichard Paige
HoRG GamesPeter Cowling
HoRG HISE (Joint)Tim Kelly
HoRG NSCSusan Stepney
HoRG PLASMAProf Colin Runciman
HoRG RTS (joint)Andy Wellings, Alan Burns
IGGI DirectorPeter Cowling
Industrial placement monitorSusan Stepney
Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) liaison officerIan Benest
International students co-ordinatorDr Leandro Soares Indrusiak
Lead, Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team, Computer ScienceHelen Petrie
Library liaisonAdrian Bors
Member of Athena Swan CommitteeMrs Becky Polson, Dr Jeremy L Jacob, Prof James Woodcock, Dr Katrina Attwood
Member of CS-EE JAPGIbrahim Habli, Nick Pears
Member of CS/Maths ExecutiveStefano Pirandola
Member of Departmental Management CommitteeNick Pears, Richard Paige
Member of Departmental Research CommitteeAna Cavalcanti, Alistair Edwards, Alan Burns, Dimitris Kolovos, William Smith
Member of Departmental Teaching Committee (CS/Maths Rep)Stefano Pirandola
Member of Departmental Teaching Committee (Year 1 Rep)Lilian Blot
Member of Departmental Teaching Committee (Year 3 Rep)Prof SL Braunstein
Member of HR CommitteeRichard Paige
Member of Hub ForumRichard Paige
Member of Industrial Advisory BoardProf James Woodcock, Richard Paige
Member of Mitigating Circumstances CommitteeChristopher Crispin-Bailey, Rob Alexander
Member of Mitigating Circumstances Committee (CS/Maths)Detlef Plump
Member of MSc GTC advisory groupIbrahim Habli
Member of MTC2 (GTC Rep)Ibrahim Habli
Member of Operations CommitteeProf James Woodcock, Richard Paige
Member of Research Studies CommitteeAdrian Bors, Alan Burns, Richard Paige, Stefano Pirandola
Member of Science and Society committee Dimitar Kazakov
Member of University Teaching CommitteeDr Steve King
Member of WRG ExecutiveProf Jim Austin
Member, Advisory Board, Centre for Digital HeritageHelen Petrie
Member, University Disability and Accessibility Working GroupHelen Petrie
Member, University Research Data Management Working GroupHelen Petrie
Member, University Women's ForumHelen Petrie
MSc & EngD LSCITS DirectorDimitris Kolovos
MSc Comp Programme LeaderDr Leandro Soares Indrusiak
MSc Comp/IT Admissions TeamLilian Blot, Dr Leandro Soares Indrusiak, Rob Alexander
MSc Comp/IT Admissions Team LeaderAndy Wellings, Dr Leandro Soares Indrusiak
MSc Cyber Admissions TeamHoward Chivers, Dr Radu Calinescu
MSc Cyber Admissions Team LeaderHoward Chivers
MSc Programme Leader SWEDr Radu Calinescu
MSc SCSE AdmissionsDr Mark Nicholson
MSc SCSE Programme Leader (incl CPD)Dr Mark Nicholson
MSc SSEAA admissionsDr Mark Nicholson
MSc SSEAA Leader (incl CPD & TAS)Dr Mark Nicholson
MSC SWE Admissions TeamDimitris Kolovos
MTC (Comp & IT rep)Dr Leandro Soares Indrusiak
MTC (MEng Rep)Tim Kelly
MTC (SCSE rep)Dr Mark Nicholson
Network cable colour co-ordinatorRichard Fuller
Outreach Academic CoordinatorLilian Blot
PGCAP Supervisor Dr Mark Nicholson, Tim Kelly
Physical Sciences Ethics Committee MemberAlistair Edwards
Post MSc Placements CoordinatorChristopher Crispin-Bailey
Programme Leader for MSc Computer ScienceDr Tommy Yuan
Programme Leader for MSc Computer Science with Cyber SecurityDr Tommy Yuan
Programme Leader for MSc Computer Science with Data AnalyticsDr Tommy Yuan
Project co-ordinatorAlistair Edwards, Dr Jeremy L Jacob
Project marking co-ordinatorDr MJ Freeman
Project presentation co-ordinatorAdrian Bors
QAA Institutional ReviewerDr Steve King
Santander Fund Committee MemberProf Edwin Hancock
Senate memberProf James Woodcock, Prof NC Audsley
Technical reports editorAndy Wellings
UCU RepresentativeJames Cussens
Undergraduate prospectus editorNick Pears
University CouncilProf NC Audsley
University Finance CommitteeProf NC Audsley
University Research Theme Champion for Risk, Evidence and Decision-MakingJohn McDermid
University SCA ChairDr Steve King
VLE contactDr Jeremy L Jacob
Widening Participation CoordinatorLilian Blot
York International Foundation Programme Steering CommmitteeWilliam Smith

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