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Dr Philippa Ryan BSc (Leeds), MSc (Leeds), PhD (York)
Research Fellow


Research Fellow in Assured Responsibility for AI


BSc Maths and Music (Leeds),
MSc Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (Leeds),
PhD Computer Science (York)


Dr Philippa Ryan is a research fellow for the Assuring Autonomy International Programme and the Assuring Responsibility for Trustworthy Autonomous Systems project at the University of York.

She has worked in the field of safety critical software engineering for over 20 years, both in academia and industry. She has extensive research experience in software assurance, certification and safety cases. She previously worked in industry writing assurance cases and examining software safety, including for nuclear, defence, medical and AI domains. She is currently chair of the Safety Critical Systems Club working group developing guidance for assuring autonomous systems. Her PhD examined safety analysis of operating systems and she is a chartered engineer.

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Department of Computer Science
University of York
Deramore Lane
YO10 5GH


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