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Ian Benest BA, MSc, PhD (Essex)
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Generally interested in the user-interface to hypermedia systems and applying the ideas in a Learning Support Environment. Special attention is being given to those users who are visually, aurally, cognitively, physically and age impaired without hindering those who would regard themselves as normal users; that is, an inclusive interface for everyone. The work will encompass speech input and output; styles of, and strategies for, learning; modelling user behaviour; individualised learning provision; and immersive one-to-one tutoring. Teaching material will be from a technical area (analogue and digital circuit design) and a non-technical area (transferable skills to improve employability prospects).


Previously employed at the Science and Engineering Research Council's (SERC) Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the Digital and Analogue Circuit Design Group in the Interactive Computing Facility. Became SERC's MMI Coordinator and was a member of the Alvey MMI Working Party. Latterly a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York teaching User Interface Design and Digital Electronics. Now officially retired, but concentrating on research.


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