Raspberry Pi Challenge 2015 winners

Posted on 6 November 2015

Inventive and imaginative ideas by our new undergraduate students

Raspberry Pi Challenge 2015


The Raspberry Pi Challenge in the Department is growing in popularity.  This is the third time we have run the event and have more students signed up for the challenge than we have ever had before.  This year we have mixed the event up with some new challenges.  The response has been amazing and the students brought some very inventive and imaginative ideas.




The challenges this year consisted of:

  • The Pi Square Challenge, two Raspberry Pi computers battling against each other in a variant of the classic paper and pencil game "squares". Very simply the contestant who captures the most squares wins. This was a knockout competition. 
  • The second element to the Challenge was the Blue Pi Thinking - a chance for entrants to give their creativity full rein and come up with the most ingenious use of their Pi. 

Thank you to our judges this year, which included Gordon Hollingworth, Raspberry Pi (Trading) Ltd and alumnus of York; Simon Smith, MooD International; Tony Harrison, Thales; Daryl Walker-Smith, IBM; and Rod Chapman, Independent Consultant.

This year's prizes are given below.  Thank you to all of the sponsors for the generous prizes.
Pi Square Challenge:
  • 1st place, Sponsored by the Department of Computer Science and IBM, iPad mini, awarded to Ben Gorman.
  • 2nd place, Sponsored by IGGI (our EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Games and Games Intelligence), £100 Amazon voucher awarded to Thomas Andrew.
Blue Pi Thinking:
  • Most entrepreneurial entry,  sponsored by Mood International, £100 Amazon voucher, awarded to Nick Vaughan (Scanning Robot with Bluetooth controller).
  • Most creative entry, sponsored by the Department's Digital Creativity Hub, £100 Amazon voucher, awarded to Jacob Unwin (Twitter Mood Map).
  • 2 bonus prize winners (prize from Raspberry Pi) awarded to Jeremy Hotham (Pill diary / schedule) and Sam Rimington (Minecraft).
Honourable mentions to: Dan Sweeney (Sonic Pi), Josh Neil (toaster), Tobias Fox (Cassette deck)
More information on the Raspberry Pi Challenge and a video capturing the event