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Dependable Real-Time Systems: The Past, The Current and The Future

Wednesday 16 March 2022, 6.00PM to 7.00pm

Speaker(s): Professor Iain Bate

Iain Bate

Join us in the Ron Cooke Hub for Professor Iain Bate's inaugural lecture, "Dependable Real-Time Systems: The Past, The Current and The Future."

In this talk, he will explain why the time events in computer systems can be important, why temporal aspects of systems are hard to predict and even harder to guarantee, and then show how over time it has gone from hard to a situation where we have to rethink our approach to timing and system assurance.

The talk will base itself on real industrial motivations, practical solutions to developing and assuring these systems, and explain a number of challenges of interest to him. Non-computing examples will be used to show that the problems are not new but for dependable systems the solutions must be different. He will also explain why some conventional approaches to managing time are useful and others need to be adapted.

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Location: RCH 037, Ron Cooke Building

Admission: Ticket only