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Manufacturing Robotic Challenge 2021

Monday 19 July 2021, 9.00AM to Wed 21 July, 5pm

As part of the UK Festival of Robotics, the Manufacturing Robotics Challenge will bring together young researchers, developers, and industrialists working in robotics and digital manufacturing technologies to develop practical solutions to real-world problems in a competitive environment.
The challenge will be held remotely from 19 - 21 July on the theme of collaborative robot safety. Participants will use digital twinning technology to develop solutions to the provided challenges, and drive real hardware at Factory 2050 in Sheffield.
The event is open to final-year masters students, PhD students, early-career researchers, industrial engineers and others with relevant experience in areas including robotics, autonomous systems, computer vision, machine learning, augmented reality, and safety. Successful applicants will be arranged into small teams, based on skills and experience, and will compete against each other to complete a series of robotics challenges. Participants will have the opportunity to control real and simulated robots to perform COVID-19 related tasks, such as CPR sample preparations and automated surface sterilisation. Training on ROS and safety methods for collaborative robotics will be provided on the first day. The event also includes fun team-building activities.
The event is organised by the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield, the Department of Automatic Control & Systems Engineering at the University of Sheffield, and the Assuring Autonomy International Programme as part of the UK Festival of Robotics.
The number of places is limited and the registration closes at midnight on 8 July. A refundable £30 registration fee will be charged to secure attendance. 

Location: Zoom (Online)

Admission: A refundable £30 registration fee will be charged to secure attendance