Simple (1-D) "Bump-and-Stick" Blood Clotting Demos

This contains a collection of occam-pi sources, documentation and executables for three different implementations of simple models of blood clotting.

Version 6 (one level cellular automaton, no ALTs, barriers to control movement and visualisation)

README-clot-demo-6.txt (user instructions)
clot-demo-6.occ (occam-pi source code)
clot-demo-6 (Linux/x86 executable)

Version 7 (two level system, no ALTs, "spider" clot processes, mobile channels, barriers as above)

README-clot-demo-7.txt (user instructions)
clot-demo-7.occ (occam-pi source code)
clot-demo-7 (Linux/x86 executable)

Version 8 (one level system, ALTs on barriers for all basic operations, other barriers as above)

Note: this is the version described in the paper "Communicating Complex Processes", Welch/Barnes/Polack, ICECCS 2006, Stanford, University, August, 2006.

phw-08-02-2006.ppt (TUNA internal group presentation - PowerPoint)
phw-08-02-2006.pdf (TUNA internal group presentation - PDF)

README-clot-demo-8.txt (user instructions)

mm-sync-oracle-0-1-05-12-13.csp (CSP/FDR2 script specifying the multiway sync oracle)

mm-sync-oracle-types.occ (occam-pi source code - protocols and types for the multiway sync oracle)
mm-sync-oracle.occ (occam-pi source code - the multiway sync oracle)

rand-clot-demo-8.occ (occam-pi source code - this system)

rand-clot-demo-8 (Linux/x86 executable)

Peter Welch.