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EPSRC funded feasibility study : Nov 2004 -- Nov 2006


Theory Underpinning Nanotech Assemblers

TUNA was a 2 year feasibility study into the work needed to develop networks of nanites that behave safely. Nanites are novel devices that operate on the nanoscopic level to cause macroscopic effects; nanotech assemblers are nanites that build artefacts.

We faced the following challenges.
(1) To investigate the languages needed for developing abstract models of nanites and the protocols needed for inter-nanite communication and for external control.
(2) To investigate methods for verifying and validating executable models of nanites.
(3) To investigate the requirements for an appropriate simulation framework for executable models of nanites and of networks of nanites.
(4) To investigate the nature of safety cases for the use of networks of nanites.

In carrying out these investigations, we used a case study from the field of nanomedicine: the process of haemostasis (the staunching of bleeding) caused by mechanical platelets.

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TUNA is an ODISSIAC-compliant project