Non-Standard Computation Group
Group seminars - list of speakers and abstracts: 2013-14

These seminars are run jointly between the Non-Standard Computation Group in Computer Science and the Intelligent Systems Group in Electronics.

Date Venue Speaker Title and Abstract
19 Nov Physics PT/006
Susan Stepney
Introducing EvoEvo

We have just started on a new EU FET project, EvoEvo -- The Evolution of Evolution. I will give an overview of the project (which includes bacterial and virus experiments, computational modelling, and development of novel bio-inspired algorithms), and discuss the York part of the research. I will speculate on what is the minimal set of properties needed for a system to exhibit EvoEvo, and question how these properties might be implemented in software.
3 Dec RCH/204
Carlo Ottaviani
cs, UoY
Two-way quantum cryptography with continuous variables: unconditional security and performances at different wavelengths

We will introduce the basic concepts of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) with Continuous Variables (CV). We then present a detailed analysis of the security and performances, at different wavelengths, of the two-way CV-QKD protocol. In first place we analyse the scheme from a general perspective. Showing how the strategy of randomly switching ON/OFF the communication line, is an opportunity absent in one-way communication. This allows to demonstrate a striking advantage with respect one-way communications, bringing to the demonstration of the unconditional security of two-way protocols [1]. In second place we provide a detailed study of the fight-noise-with-noise [2] strategy for the security of two-way protocol at different wavelengths, from the optical range down to the microwave range. We show how its security threshold is extremely robust with respect to the preparation noise and able to outperform the security thresholds of one-way protocols at any wavelength. Thanks to this, improved security distances are now accessible for implementing quantum key distribution at the very challenging regime of infrared frequencies.
[1] C. Ottaviani, S. Pirandola, Unconditional security of two-way continuous variables quantum cryptography, in preparation.
[2] C. Weedbrook, C. Ottaviani, S. Pirandola, Two-way Quantum Cryptography at different wavelength,
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14 Jan Biology BB/006

28 Jan RCH/204

11 Feb Biology BB/002
25 Feb RCH/204

11 Mar Biology BB/002

Easter Break
29 Apr RCH/204

13 May Physics PT/006
27 May RCH/204

10 Jun Pysics PT/006

24 Jun RCH/204

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