Research Using The Stringmol Artificial Chemistry

Tutorial Workshop, ECAL 2011

The RUTSAC workshop will take place as a satellite event of the European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL11) in Paris, France on 8th August 2011.

ATTENTION! This is an interactive tutorial. Please bring your laptops. Wifi will be available. Please make sure your browser supports the HTML5 canvas tag, and Javascript (e.g. Firefox 5, Google Chrome 12, Opera 11)

As in an RNA World, a molecule In the Stringmol Artificial Chemistry can be both genomic and enzymic, facilitating rich interactions between the genome and the phenotype. This hands-on tutorial will equip attendees with the knowledge and experience necessary to set up experiments with the Stringmol Artificial Chemistry, which was designed to facilitate rich interactions between the genome and the phenotype. The Stringmol system will be introduced in four stages, corresponding to four interactive tasks. Workshop attendees will participate in these tasks by running the Stringmol code and designing their own molecules via an interactive website.