Non-Standard Computation Group
People in the Group


Susan Stepney
Emergence; open dynamical systems; open-ended evolution, artificial chemistries

Samuel L. Braunstein
Quantum computation, information theory, and communication

Stefano Pirandola
Quantum Information and Computation

Howard Chivers

Fiona Polack
Software engineering for non-standard computation; requirements for nano-assemblers

Dan Franks
(joint member with Biology Dept)
Agent-based modelling, data science, ecological modelling, evolutionary computation

Simon O'Keefe
(joint member with ACA group)
neural networks; computing with cells and membranes; cellular automata; binary (gene) networks; quantum computation

Research Associates and Fellows

Simon Hickinbotham
2014-16: EvoEvo (EU FET)
2014: TRUCE (EU SCA)
2008-2011: Plazzmid (EPSRC): Bacterial-inspired subsumption architectures

Tim Hoverd
2015-16: EvoEvo (EU FET)

Carlo Ottaviani
2015-19: Quantum Communications Hub (EPSRC)

Jerry Swan
2015-18: DAASE (EPSRC)

Research Students

Norliza Abdullah
Mobile Network Security

Stewart Aitken
Unconventional algorithms for hardware exhibiting swarm-like behaviours

Nasser Al Malki

Hasanen Alyasiri
Web Intrusion Detection Systems using Evolutionary Computation

Thomas Cope
Quantum cryptography

Matt Dale
in materio robotics

Aastha Kakaria
Multi agent simulation

Mike Krastev
sub-symbolic artificial chemistries

Riccardo Laurenza
Quantum Information and Quantum Cryptography with continuous variable systems

Alan Millard

Panagiotis Papanastasiou
Quantum cryptography with continuous variables

Gae Spedalieri
Quantum biology

Komsan Srivisut
Search-based software testing

James Stovold
natural computing

Chris Timperley
Reflective programming



Colin Bonney
Electronics Dept, UYork
Self-repairing cellular architectures and AIS

James Butler
CII, UYork
Computational Immunology

James Cussens
AI group, CS, UYork

Stephanie Dyson
CII, UYork
Computational Immunology

Philip Garnett
Centre for the Coevolution of Biology and Culture, Durham

Anna Ladi
Electronics Dept, UYork
Intelligent robotics

German Leonov
CII, UYork
Biology Dept, UYork
Computational Immunology

Xiaohu (Jason) Liu
Electronics Dept, UYork
Sensor fusion

Becky Naylor
Electronics Dept, UYork
Swarm robotics

Louis Rose
Enterprise Systems group, CS, UYork
Patterns and Modelling

Paul Taylor
Electronics Dept, UYork
Self-* systems

Jon Timmis
Electronics Dept, UYork
artificial immune systems, homeostatic systems, biological plausibility within artificial systems

Alex Turner
Electronics Dept, UYork
Swarm robotics

* Past members