Call for Abstracts

The First International Workshop on Theoretical and Experimental Material Computing (TEMC 2019) will be held in Tokyo, Japan, as a satellite workshop of the International Conference on Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation (UCNC 2019), 3–7 June 2019.

Keynote speaker Kohei Nakajima

Material computing  exploits unconventional physical substrates and/or unconventional computational models to perform physical computation in a non-silicon and/or non-Turing paradigm.

TEMC 2019 will encompass a range of theoretical and experimental approaches to material computing.  The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from a range of connected fields, to inform of latest findings, to engage across the disciplines, to transfer discoveries and concepts from one field to another, and to inspire new collaborations and new ideas.

The TEMC programme committee invite you to submit a 1–2 page abstract, by 11 March 2019 (EXTENDED), in any area of material computing.  A collection of submissions covering the range of the theme will be selected for presentation (by short talk, or by poster) at the workshop (decision 15 March).  Submission is via the Easy Chair system.

After the workshop, there will be an open call for a special issue of the International Journal of Unconventional Computing  on the workshop theme.

Programme and Organising Committee

Susan Stepney

Matt Dale

Jack Dewhirst

Simon O’Keefe

Angelika Sebald

Martin Trefzer

TEMC 2019 is sponsored by the
EPRSC SpInspired project EP/R032823/1 and the University of York, UK