Metamodelling for MDA

November 24th-25th 2003, Kings Manor, York, England

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The OMG Model Driven Architecture (MDA) promises to be a revolutionary step in software engineering, by making models primary artefacts and thus raising the level of abstraction in the software development process. Whilst a lot of focus has been given to the transformation of platform-independent models to platform-specific models, the scope of MDA potentially covers the modelling of all aspects of a system throughout its lifecycle. Metamodelling provides the foundation for this vision, by enabling meaningful metamodels of languages to be defined precisely and unified in a consistent framework. To this end, the OMG’s Meta-Object Facility (MOF) is stipulated as the language in which all languages for MDA are expressed. As another iteration of the UML revision process nears completion however, many issues have been raised concerning the means by which MOF is applied, such that languages constructed to support MDA are reusable, flexible and meaningful. This workshop then aims to investigate the fundamental principles, tools and techniques that are needed for the metamodelling of languages, in order to provide a foundation for MDA and the long-term future for the role of modelling in software development.



  • Workshop has taken place, proceedings available here and presentations here.
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  • Stephen Mellor , Tony Clark and Alan Moore will give invited talks.